Rise for climate Belgium is a non-partisan citizens’ collective. It lobbies the Belgian government and the European institutions to take urgent and radical measures to fight against the causes and consequences of climate change.

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Next action: 7/12 from 11:30 to 13:00 place du Luxembourg - for water worldwide and outside the stock exchange

On 7 December 2020, through a financial derivative contract, water was listed on the stock exchange. This was a historic step that sanctioned the financialisation of an essential and dramatically scarce commodity.

Water has long been reduced to a commodity and is now treated as a financial asset on which to speculate.
Who is responsible for this decision? The CME Group, the world’s largest financial group for derivatives contracts, which runs the Chicago Stock Exchange. A year ago it launched the first water price futures contracts, dependent on the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index, a water price indicator launched in 2018 in the US federal state (with a current market of about $1.2 billion).

Alongside the CME Group is the world’s most powerful private equity fund, Black Rock. It currently manages $9.5 trillion. It is the third largest financial power in the world after the United States and China. Black Rock has shareholdings in 18,000 companies around the world. In France, it has a stake of between 5 and 7% in 22 CAC40 companies! In 2020, Black Rock produced a report on the risks posed by the increasing scarcity of water to the business of companies active or closely dependent on water.

The advice given: “save your business by putting a price on water”. The Chicago Stock Exchange followed suit.
The decision, therefore, was taken by two private financial subjects, American USA, of worldwide scope, independently of any known contact with public authorities, notably parliaments. Moreover, why did the public authorities remain without reacting?

Yet…..the consequences will be very devastating.

An unacceptable decision! 

Submitting water to financial speculation, when 2.2 billion people still do not have access to drinking water, when 3 billion people do not have basic facilities to wash their hands with soap and water, and when two million deaths are linked to it every year, opens up even worse scenarios. This will inevitably lead to the marginalisation of territories, populations, small farmers and small businesses, as part of a global crisis of ecosystems, climate, economy, society and health.

Water is the mother of all rights, but its listing on the stock market will effectively render useless the fundamental 2010 UN General Assembly resolution on the universal right to water.

The aim of the international mobilisation on 7-9 December. 

On the anniversary of this sad date, a major global mobilisation, from Brussels to Milan, via Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Rosario, Argentina, Chilean Patagonia, Paris and Canada, will fight for the liberation of water from the stock market.

In some cities, such as Milan, Montreal, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, the public demonstrations will mainly concern the economic and financial groups that have decided to put water on the stock market and are therefore predators of life.

They will demand the immediate and definitive withdrawal of water from the stock market.

In other cities, such as Brussels, Rome and Rosario, the demonstrations will be directed above all at public institutions, and in particular at the parliaments, which are responsible everywhere for their silence and absence to date. Why have they not intervened to prevent the water market? Are they complicit in decisions taken by private entities, in defiance of the right to life (of humans and other living species)?

In the European Parliament, in the Italian Parliament, in the Brazilian Federal Camera, in the Camera of the State of Santa Fe in Argentina, ….. we will deliver a public letter to the elected representatives of the citizens to denounce the unacceptable silence of the public authorities and their incapacity to defend this vital common good that is water and the right to life of all inhabitants and living beings on Earth.

We demand :

– A ban on financial transactions on water. Yes to life, not to profit;

– The banning of the listing of water companies on the stock exchange: no stock exchange for water, a common good and a global public service;

– the rejection of the monetisation of nature and the recognition of the right of rivers, seas, lakes, glaciers and their ecological systems to exist as such;

– the replacement of the ‘polluter pays’ principle with the ‘pollute not’ principle.

– Legal action against states that do not preserve and guarantee the regeneration of water and life, and that leave the protection of the natural world to the monetisation of nature.

– An end to predatory capitalism of the land and other resources of the planet;

– The creation of a World Citizens Council for the Common Security of the Earth’s Water and the establishment of the World Water Assembly;

Come and join us on 7/12 – Place du Luxembourg from 11.30am to 1pm.Write with us to elected officials and government representatives !

Contact: riseforclimatebelgium@gmail.com


Thank you for your participation to : No MERCOSUR on 11/11 at 12pm in front of the European Parliament

The Jiboiana Association are bringed to Brussels, 5 indigenous leaders and activists to raise awareness of their role in the preservation of nature. They are Huni Kuin, Pataxó, Karaja and Munduruku.

Indigenous peoples preserve 80% of biodiversity. Humanity is not separated from Nature, but is an integral part of it.
In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro wants to pass the National Law PL490, which aims to remove the protection of indigenous lands and open them to economic exploitation.

This bill is part of a larger international project: MERCOSUR. This project aims, in broad terms, to deforest natural spaces in order to erect huge cattle farms, soybean monocultures, low quality products that will then be sold in Europe at low prices – with disastrous consequences for our health, our peasants and farmers, and of course the planet…
If these national and international bills are ratified, there will be no more Amazon or cerrado within 20 years.

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This October 31st, you acted with us for water and climate

Humanity is on the verge of cataclysmic climate fallout. We want European and world leaders to respect the Paris Agreement before the earth becomes unlivable! 
We have organized a massive march on October 31 to get our elected officials and governments of the world present at COP26 to take action. 

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